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About us

The evolution of vehicles has never been more exciting. Founded on modern luxury, we are the pioneers creating the next generation of outstanding vehicles. Making driving more sustainable, our business more environmentally aware and our services more desirable for our customers.

At JLR, we have a clear vision. We are reimagining the future of modern luxury by design. The future of movement is happening today. This has never been a more exciting time to start a career with us.

Our creative, innovative and focused people are the big thinkers behind this big change. Together, we use our diverse skills and experience to grow tomorrow and redefine what’s possible today. Inspiring the future generation is our responsibility.

Our Early Careers Programmes are the best place to start, develop or advance your career. Whether you are studying at school, college or university, passionate about your professional development, or considering a career change – our Early Careers programmes are designed to develop in-demand skills.

We have a proud and longstanding history of hiring Apprentices, Undergraduates and Graduates to develop them into the next generation of JLR talent and support the growth of our business. And as our ambitions grow, and our focus for the future changes, we are committed to our Early Careers programmes to help us reach our goals.

We’re shaping the truly exceptional. And we’re doing it with soul.

We’re reimagining the driving of tomorrow. And redefining what’s possible today.

Together, we are the future of movement.

Natasha Rooney

What was your apprenticeship qualification?

"I completed a SCQF Level 6 - Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with QA Apprenticeships."

What did you learn during your apprenticeship?

"I liked the idea of being able to learn and work at the same time. I gained so much experience during a short space of time. All  aspects  of  marketing,  including  email  marketing,  legal requirements in sales and marketing and marketing  principles.  I  participated  in  many  training  weeks where I gained many skills like how to perform an SEO audit, and how to complete a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness."

What support did you receive from GAP during your time as an apprentice?

"I had a great team during my time as an apprentice. If I ever had any questions, I always knew that I could ask someone,  and  they’d  be  happy  to  help.  I  was  able  to  take time out of work to complete training during business hours."

How did you find the experience overall?

"I really enjoyed my time as an apprentice because I gained so many skills and am now able to put them to use in my day-to-day job."

How has your role changed since completing your apprenticeship?

"I  have  taken  on  a  lot  more  responsibility  within  the  team.  I  am  able  to  complete  any  task  that  is  given  to  me. I’ve worked closely with new members who have joined  that  team  and  am  able  to  support  them  with  familiarising themselves with GAP Marketing.

Do you have any advice for future apprentices?

"Work hard because it’s worth it."

What are your future plans now you have completed your apprenticeship?

"Since completing my apprenticeship I have progressed to the role of Marketing Assistant. I know all aspects of marketing  thanks  to  my  apprenticeship,  and  I  plan  to  continue  to  develop  my  skillsets  and  progress  in  my  career."

Apprenticeships at JLR

With a passion for learning and ambition to pioneer the future of modern luxury, our future-focused programmes could be the start of your journey to a fantastic career. With a blend of practical experience and qualifications to target, you will work on projects that are fundamental to our global success.

Sharing our passion for learning and doing what has never been done, you will get to work on projects that are fundamental to our global success. You will develop industry experience at the same time as formal qualifications with your time will be split between the workplace and the education provider aligned to the apprenticeship.

You will develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours aligned to your Apprenticeships standard. At JLR, we follow the standards of the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education.

The qualifications undertaken by an Apprentice are fully funded by JLR. In addition, Apprentices will receive a competitive salary and benefit from the combined benefits of being an employee of JLR (pension scheme, employee discounts, wellbeing initiatives) and a student (NUS Student discount, travel discounts etc).

Diversity and Inclusion

At JLR we are passionate about our people. We are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and unified culture that is representative of our customers and the society in which we live; a culture where every one of our employees can bring their authentic self to work and feel empowered to reach their full potential.

We aim to:

Foster a culture of belonging, inclusion, and respect for all - We will have a culture where all our people feel they belong

Drive progressive policies, benefits, and support - We will win the war on talent; by attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent

Engage employees to help deliver the plan - We will harness the power of an engaged workforce, collaborating to accelerate our progress on the D&I Agenda

We proudly support the growing number of active diversity and inclusion employee-led networks with more than 3,100 members across them. These networks are run by colleagues for colleagues and offer a platform for people with a passion for diversity and inclusion to share their ideas and experiences, influence leadership and network with each other. Through allyship, we aim to encourage continuous education and positive conversations to address knowledge gaps, ignorance and unconscious bias and foster an inclusive community.