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NHS Radiology Customer Service Apprentice - Orpington

Job Description

At Kings College Hospital, you will provide a full appointment booking service and organise reception desks, ensuring they ran efficiently in accordance with department protocols. You will focus on the needs of the patient in accordance with the department and national booking programme.

Your role and responsibilities will include:

● Responsible for welcoming patients, staff and all other visitors to the reception desk, deal with all enquiries in a kind and courteous manner.

● Responsible for checking personal details and updating when booking appointment or when patient attends on CRIS and PIMS system.

● Responsible for dealing with all referral forms in accordance with the department policies and procedures.

● Responsible for reading interpreting information on referral forms and become familiar with terminology.

● Responsible for ensuring all GP request forms are scanned for reporting purposes.

● Responsible for taking post to the post room to ensure prompt delivery of appointments letters.

● Responsible for making appointments using the CRIS System.

● Responsible for checking orders list on CRIS system daily ensuring appointments are made within the department timescales.

● Responsible for printing and dispatching electronically produced appointment letters having identified appropriate preparation and information leaflets for enclosure.

● Responsible for checking all patients are accurately placed on the waiting list on the CRIS system.

● Responsible for monitor patients in the waiting area responding to their needs and alerting appropriate members of staff if patient needs assistance.

● Responsible for printing and sending out DNA letters.

● Responsible for providing preparation and instructions to patient where necessary.

● Responsible for reporting equipment/system faults to the IT Department.

● Responsible for ensuring area changes are communicated to receptionist taking over at end of two-week rotation.

● Observe and maintain strict confidentiality of personal information relating to patients and staff.

● To maintain stationery stock to ensure efficient running of reception desk.

● To maintain information leaflets for patients within the reception areas.

● To be fully aware of safety policies and procedures of working in all radiology areas.

At Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, you will be working towards a Level 2 Customer Service Qualification over the course of 12-15 months.

Desired Skills:

● Knowledge and understanding of radiology investigations, information systems and booking protocols. - Basic admin skills. - Ability to stay calm under pressure.

Personal qualities:

● Good communication skills.

● Good timekeeping and ability to prioritise tasks.

Qualifications required:

No Qualifications Required!

Future prospects:

Ongoing development and support.

Training to be delivered:

● Level 2 Customer Service Qualification

● Functional Skills in Maths and English

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