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Business Service Centre Apprenticeship

Business Service Centre Apprenticeship

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Whatever role you’re in, you’ll be part of our mission to become Britain's go-to
supermarket, whether you’re on the shop floor, behind a desk or on the road,
everything we do here at Asda makes a difference to our customers’ lives.


When it comes to career possibilities, we’ve got everything covered here at Asda
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Job Sectors:

-Retail Colleague, Retail Manager, Retail Store Manager,
-Logistics, Warehouse Colleague, Warehouse Manager, Transport Manager, LGV
-Driver, Customer Delivery Driver
-Buyer, Merchandiser, Product Development, Food Scientist, Packaging, Supply
-Chain Analyst/ Planner, Sustainability, Procurement
-Marketing, PR, Brand, Customer Insight
-Data Analyst, Data Scientists, Data Engineer
-Tech – Cyber, Helpdesk, Software Dev, Software engineer
-HR, Talent, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Business Partner, Communications
-Finance Manager, Accountant, Accts Payable Clerk
-Optical assistant, Dispensing Optician, Pharmacist, Pharmacy  Assistant
-Legal – Solicitor, Lawyer
-Community/ Charity/ ESG

Natasha Rooney

What was your apprenticeship qualification?

"I completed a SCQF Level 6 - Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with QA Apprenticeships."

What did you learn during your apprenticeship?

"I liked the idea of being able to learn and work at the same time. I gained so much experience during a short space of time. All  aspects  of  marketing,  including  email  marketing,  legal requirements in sales and marketing and marketing  principles.  I  participated  in  many  training  weeks where I gained many skills like how to perform an SEO audit, and how to complete a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness."

What support did you receive from GAP during your time as an apprentice?

"I had a great team during my time as an apprentice. If I ever had any questions, I always knew that I could ask someone,  and  they’d  be  happy  to  help.  I  was  able  to  take time out of work to complete training during business hours."

How did you find the experience overall?

"I really enjoyed my time as an apprentice because I gained so many skills and am now able to put them to use in my day-to-day job."

How has your role changed since completing your apprenticeship?

"I  have  taken  on  a  lot  more  responsibility  within  the  team.  I  am  able  to  complete  any  task  that  is  given  to  me. I’ve worked closely with new members who have joined  that  team  and  am  able  to  support  them  with  familiarising themselves with GAP Marketing.

Do you have any advice for future apprentices?

"Work hard because it’s worth it."

What are your future plans now you have completed your apprenticeship?

"Since completing my apprenticeship I have progressed to the role of Marketing Assistant. I know all aspects of marketing  thanks  to  my  apprenticeship,  and  I  plan  to  continue  to  develop  my  skillsets  and  progress  in  my  career."