Driver - Royal Logistics Corps

Job Description

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In the Driver trade, you'll work closely with other trades within the Royal Logistic Corps to ensure all supplies are delivered to the right location at the right time, no matter how dangerous the environment.

Our job is diverse and extremely interesting, offering many opportunities to learn new skills and gain an understanding of the transport industry. As you progress through your career, you can move into the training world and become a Driving Instructor or Examiner. You can also become a Transport Specialist dealing with the operational management of your unit’s fleet. The Royal Logistic Corps are the Army’s professional logisticians keeping the Field Army marching, its helicopters flying, its vehicles moving and its tanks and guns firing. We enable its deployment and supply it with everything it needs, wherever it operates, throughout the world.

Key Responsibilities

  • Drive the Army’s HGVs. Carry out vehicle maintenance, fleet management and operational planning.
  • Work as part of the Transport Team within an RLC Regiment.
  • You could be deployed worldwide– wherever the British Army has a presence.
  • Earn your Category B, C and C+E Driving and Hazmat Licences.
  • Gain an apprenticeship in Driving Goods Vehicles.

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