Light Gunner - Royal Artillery

Job Description

*The British Army are always recruiting, so you can begin right now!*

You control the Light Gun, a weapon that can go almost anywhere. You and your crew travel into action and support Infantry or other combat units – which means you’re crucial in battle. You’ll be trained to look after the gun and fire it, hitting targets up to 10 miles away. In some of our Reserve roles, in time you can attempt the arduous Patrols course to become and elite Special Observer – working in a team of six well ahead of friendly forces and sometimes behind enemy lines. You can also learn new skills and take qualifications – even learn to drive an HGV. Your CV will take you far, inside or outside the Army. With sports, Adventure Training and great mates around you too, it's an exciting career.

The Royal Artillery is the heart of the action - everywhere across the battlefield - providing the British Army with its eyes, ears and firepower. Using high-tech surveillance devices and uncrewed aircraft, the Royal Artillery finds the enemy. We then monitor them before striking decisively. We do this by co-ordinated use of our guns, rockets and missiles, the Army’s attack helicopters and other weapons, including fast jets and even the guns of Royal Navy ships.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work as part of a close-knit team
  • Protect troops on the ground
  • Move around the battlefield to support the mission

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