HR Specialist - Adjutant General's Corps

Job Description

*The British Army are always recruiting, so you can begin right now!*

This job is like no other Army role. You could be attached to any unit and go with them wherever they go. As well as being a fully trained soldier, you'll be responsible for the day-to-day actions of your unit, in barracks or on operations. Your responsibility will start on day 1 and increase as your rank advances. You can get qualifications that develop your skills and are recognised outside the Army. With worldwide travel, Adventurous Training and the chance to make friends for life, it’s exciting as well as rewarding. The SPS (Staff and Personnel Support) Branch ensures that the British Army’s people are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice by managing its people, finances and information. We are soldiers first, and serve alongside every unit in the Army; wherever the Army goes, we are there too.

Key responsibilities

  • Serve our soldiers through administrative support.
  • Support the chain of command with their decision-making
  • Deploy on operations
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