Civil Aviation Authority

Year 10 In Person Work Experience

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Few industries capture our imagination as much as aerospace and aviation - in
careers relating to these areas, the sky is no longer the limit! Although we might
have an understanding of some careers found within the industry, how much do
you know about the breadth of opportunities available?
With the aviation and aerospace industry, some possibilities will take you above
and beyond, so long as you have the knowledge, skills, and passion to take you
where you want to go. Springpod has joined forces with the Civil Aviation
Authority, the UK’s aviation and aerospace regulator, to provide you with an
inspiring in-person experience that’ll help your dreams of a career in the industry

What’s Included:

This in-person experience will take a closer look at the role of the Civil Aviation
Authority (CAA) as a regulator of aerospace and aviation, providing insight
into how they promote innovation in the industry, and ensure that standards
and safety are always adhered to! Throughout this one-week experience, we’ll
take you through the different areas and responsibilities of the Civil Aviation
Authority, and you’ll take part in a five-day placement shadowing key experts
at the CAA!

Day One:

Have you ever thought about what goes into much of the behind-the-scenes
work within aviation and aerospace? It’s a fantastic industry that’s crucial for how
we operate in the skies, and how we continue to innovate within the sector. This
day will introduce you to the Civil Aviation Authority, and provide insight into why
it’s essential, and the variety of roles within aerospace and aviation regulation.
You’ll have the opportunity to tour the CAA’s main headquarters, meet industry
professionals, and get closer than ever to the CAA!

Day Two, Three, and Four:

Get ready to enter the world of the CAA! You'll learn from industry experts and CAA
professionals, and over the course of the day, you’ll get a chance to see different
areas of the CAA that you’re especially interested in to get a better understanding
of how the sector works. From interacting with professional service groups to
regulation, innovation, sustainability and beyond, the next few days will be full of
exciting opportunities!
What better way to keep your finger on the pulse than by hearing from CAA
professionals themselves? They’re working at the forefront of innovation and
the sector, and this day will give you the chance to engage with professionals
in an invaluable opportunity!

Day Five

Last - but certainly not least - your final day will give you the chance to reflect on
your time spent with the CAA. You’ll have learnt a lot about different areas within
the CAA and the wider industry, and you’ll get the chance to think about what this
means to you! Plus, you’ll get the chance to celebrate the week and all of your
accomplishments, taking you potential to new heights!

The opportunity is located in:

Aviation House

Beehive Ring Road


West Sussex


United Kingdom

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