Operator Technical Intelligence - Intelligence Corps

Job Description

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You'll specialise in intercepting and analysing communications, working with complex, state-of-the-art computers and equipment. You'll probably learn to speak a foreign language to a high level, with the option to specialise in an area like communications or cyber warfare. You don't need a technical background and you don't have to speak any foreign languages to apply - you'll be paid to learn on the job. You'll normally be employed in the UK, in a range of locations and environments, with some overseas deployments.  If you are already multilingual, we could enhance these skills, and there may be opportunities to use your languages in support of operations.

The Intelligence Corps is responsible for information gathering and intelligence analysis. Modern military operations are dependent on the provision of highly accurate and timely intelligence. To provide this, our analysts are embedded in all parts of the Military to ensure that the Army's operations are successful. Although we are one of the smallest parts of the Army, our analysts have a monumental impact on decision making, straight out of training.

Key Responsibilities

  • Apply language, communications, data analysis and cyber skills to support highly sensitive operations
  • Use cutting-edge IT systems
  • Work in a high-security environment
  • Gain valuable, advanced qualifications

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