Cyber Engineer - Royal Signals

Job Description

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You will be trained to manage, maintain, configure and deploy a wide range of Information, Communications and Technology systems, ensuring that frontline troops and commanders can communicate on operations worldwide whilst understanding the cyber threats our networks face.    

You will prepare, configure, deploy and maintain operational and tactical communication systems to ensure frontline troops and their commanders can communicate on operations worldwide. You will be able to engineer a range of systems including radios, satellite systems, computer networks and mobile communications as well as support a range of software applications and ICT.  


You will become experts in building telecommunications networks in fixed locations and supporting rapid reaction deployments across the world anywhere, anytime. You will install and maintain fibre optic and copper infrastructure, underground and at height, with opportunities to qualify as an Aerial Rigger. You will install communications network data centres and configure advanced telecommunications equipment.

Key Responsibilities

  • Engineer, maintain and repair a range of communications equipment
  • Install, service and repair telecommunications data cable networks, data centres, configure switches, routers, servers and LAN access equipment
  • Get continuous personal and professional development including civilian accredited transferable qualifications
  • Learn to drive and operate military vehicles ranging from Land Rovers and HGVs to fully armoured fighting vehicles
  • Operate as a Royal Signals soldier conducting military tasks wherever UK Armed Forces are deployed
  • Learn to instruct and pass on your expert skills and knowledge

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